I went to Trader Vic’s yesterday to lounge poolside with the girls. Being the Cali chick that I am, I of course hid in the shade, coconut cocktail in hand, observing the people around me. Through the SPF 75 I was sporting it was still a scene I’d seen before. Girls were completely oblivious to the guys around them, and spent most of their afternoon talking trash about their fellow female competitors. Ladies, if we spent less time worrying about ‘why she’s with whom,’ you’d probably meet someone as well. Then, you could be the girl people ask the eternal question about! Hey, all press is good press, right? Just because we live in Los Anjealous doesn’t mean we can’t be discreet about our insult impulse! Word vomit does not count as bulimia, so if you’re doing it to stay sans a few pounds, it won’t work. Scan the scene, and then zero in on someone worth talking about – like that cute guy in the corner. You two will be raising the Fahrenheit factor in no time, while giving them something to talk about.