As I was perusing the JDate profiles one moniker grabbed my attention from a handsome gentleman AKA Lets Grow Old Together….  Although premature in his intention in his late thirties, I couldn’t agree with him more.  Granted, as a singleton in NYC I enjoy the social opportunities that I am afforded.  Though as uncool as it may sound, a party once in awhile is fine, but I prefer going to bed by 11:00 and waking up early.  I prefer outside activities during the day verses bar activities.  A double date, dinner party with a mad game of Taboo and a great bottle of wine sounds wonderful.  Spending the afternoon picnicking in Central Park, catching up on reading, and watching the row boats equals a perfect day.  I’m so over the bar scene.  I guess the ritual ground hound day’s life with my partner and dog, sounds pretty exciting to me.  For me, there is a warmth and happy content consistency that comes from the notion of routine and Growing Old Together.