Dear JDate,

cont-mt-linda-peterI originally met Peter when he was my veterinarian for Micki, my dog. He took care of Micki for approximately two years. When Micki turned 14 1/2, he had to be put to sleep, which Peter walked me through in a gentle, understanding manner, since that was a difficult decision to make. During the entire time Peter was my vet, we had strictly a professional relationship (although I always thought he was so kind and CUTE, and he says he always thought the same of me : )…).

About three months later (after saying goodbye to Micki), I was home on a Friday night doing a simple search on JDate. Then I saw his profile. I thought “That’s my Vet!” Oh my gosh, he is SINGLE and JEWISH. I joined JDate just so I could initiate an email to him. He responded right away. We went out on our first date (a restaurant called @SQC in our neighborhood on the Upper West Side), which is where we also went the night we got engaged. It was a great date, and from then on, we started dating. All was not perfect however; we broke up and got back together three times before we got engaged. The third and final time, he wooed me was after I completed the 2004 NYC marathon; he waited on my stoop with a bouquet of flowers.

The thing I find unique about this is that JDate is not just for meeting NEW people but also connecting to someone you may have encountered in your past… If not for Micki and JDate, Peter and I may not have ever met and, of course, be getting married.


Linda & Peter
New York, New York

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