We tell every single girl or guy we meet to never give up on love! Here is our story:

Andrew and Lindsay met through JDate. Andrew sent Lindsay an Instant Message. They talked for a little bit and decided to meet the next day.

On the way to meet Andrew, Lindsay was very skeptical. She had met lots of guys from JDate, but seldom went on second dates with them. Little did Lindsay know, she was about to meet the guy she would marry.

The future love birds met at Starbucks (Andrew arrived much earlier than Lindsay…in fact, Lindsay texted Andrew that she was running late. This upset Andrew but he kept his cool). The two of them talked for a few hours and did not want to part. So, they decided to further the date and walk around the Aventura Mall.

The next day, Andrew met Lindsay at Emily’s house (Emily will be the maid of honor at their wedding!). The three of them went rock climbing (it was Andrew’s first and only time). Afterwards, they all went back to Emily’s house. That same night, Andrew left for a few hours to meet friends for dinner. However, Andrew could not bear to part from Lindsay.

After dinner, he met Lindsay for a game night with her friends. While the two were sitting on the couch, Andrew told Lindsay that he was supposed to meet another girl from JDate on the night they met, but he made up a cheesy excuse and cancelled so he could to enjoy more time with Lindsay. The rest is history!

Andrew and Lindsay are engaged to be married on August 3, 2013.

Lindsay and Andrew
Weston, Florida

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