“Seek and you will find…LIVE and you will be found.”


The reason we have decided to begin our story with a quote is because these words symbolize our relationship, and for that matter, our lives.

We will share how we met —The Story of Continuous and Never-ending True Love – as a narrative so that you can capture the essence of what took place…

It all began on JDate where Lindsay and Jared were aggressively seeking LOVE, and FOUND learning experiences disguised as potential suitors. There were numerous disappointing dates, stories that could leave you laughing for hours, and lessons that helped shape both individuals. Until one day when Lindsay used her famous “JDate pick-up line” with Jared, and emailed him to say, “Call or text if you want.”

Nearly 30 days went by before Jared responded to Lindsay’s message on JDate with the following (extremely clever) email: Jared wrote, “My apologies, but I must have missed this message and I never responded. Would you like to chat soon?”

Lindsay again emailed to say, “Call or text if you want.”

Although this response did not really capture Jared’s attention, he decided that it was in his best interest to at least go on one date, even though he did not expect to be overly interested in Lindsay. What pursued from there was an attempt to establish a conversation with Lindsay, only to receive one word responses via text message. She showed a complete lack of interest. This actually turned Jared off, and although they were scheduled to meet, both Lindsay and Jared had their doubts and did not see this dynamic turning into anything more.

Remember, SEEK and you will find, LIVE and you will be found.

They planned a date and agreed to meet at a local club for a drink on a Tuesday evening, some conversation, and an eventual excuse to “GET OUT!” Both Lindsay and Jared really did not expect much.

On the eve of their first date, Jared decided to act as the mensch that he is and wrote a short text message to Lindsay asking about her day, but never even received a response… at all!

It is now April 5, 2011 (the morning of their first date) and Jared wakes up with severe allergies. As the day continued, he had absolutely no desire to meet because his allergies were worsening, but since he is a man of his word, he went forward with the date.

As Jared was driving to meet Lindsay, he realized that his navigation was taking him to the wrong town. He decided to call Lindsay to make her aware that he would be late because he got lost and the following conversation took place:

Ring Ring

Jared: Hey Lindsay

Lindsay: Hello…? (She acted like she had no idea who Jared was, even though they were meeting in less than 10 minutes)

Jared: Umm…it is Jared, we are supposed to meet in about 10 minutes?

Lindsay: Oh, ok…

Jared: (thinking to himself…why am I doing this…ughhh?) My navigation says that the bar is in Paterson, is this correct?

Lindsay: It is definitely NOT in Paterson (like only Lindsay could say…)!

The point of this story is that it was clear that Lindsay was not SEEKING (nor was Jared) to find someone that night, but FATE IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL!

When Jared finally arrived at the bar, he pulled his car right behind Lindsay’s car and expected that she would meet him inside. When nearly 10 minutes had passed, it seemed that Lindsay was nowhere to be found. Jared decided to text her to see what was going on, and she informed him that she would be there in a few minutes (and she definitely took her sweet time)!

And now for the moment that both Lindsay and Jared had been waiting for, but definitely did not expect it to happen that night… Lindsay walked into the bar and the connection was extremely real from the moment their eyes met. It was almost as if both Lindsay and Jared knew each other as the conversation flowed so naturally, and the dynamic was absolutely profound. Their first date turned into a five-hour talking session where both Lindsay and Jared shared many stories and acted transparently because of the inherent trust that they had for one another.

Once again, this was the moment that changed everything for Lindsay and Jared because something was extremely different; and this “SOMETHING” was and will always be the truest of true love.

Lindsay and Jared got engaged on February 14, 2012. Their proposal story started with Jared who founded a startup company called Synduit, an outsourced marketing and consulting firm. He has an entire video production studio and creates video content on a regular basis. As Jared began to brainstorm creative ways to ask Lindsay to be his wife, and the future Mrs. Yellin, he thought that it would be symbolic if it was captured on video and included all of her peers at Columbia University.

Jared contacted the Dean of the Occupational Therapy program and pitched his idea… and the rest was history.

On February 14th, 2012 (yes, Valentine’s Day), Lindsay was sitting in a cardiology lecture, anxiously awaiting the class to finish at 3 PM so she could return home and begin the celebrations with her boyfriend. As the lecture came to a close, all of the students jumped out of their chairs, only be told to sit down for six minutes in order to watch a video that would be on their final exam. Many of the students began to moan, Lindsay included, but she had no idea what was about to take place. As the professor began the film and the 60 future occupational therapists began watching…


In addition, please feel free to visit our wedding website at www.katzmantodayyellintomorrow.com

Thank you JDate for making our dreams come true!


Lindsay and Jared
Fort Lee, New Jersey

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