JDate is responsible for more Jewish marriages than all other dating sites combined! But we’ve got more than just statistics to back it up. In our “Success Stories” feature, you’ll meet real couples who found love online.

Lindsay & Jason

How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
Lindsay&Jason01I had been on and off JDate for years, as long as I was single. This round, Jason was the second person I met. I remember looking at his profile but I never messaged him. But then he caught my attention by sending me a message that actually showed he read my entire profile and not just looked at my picture or read only the first paragraph. He was funny, even in writing! So we spoke on the phone and had chemistry but couldn’t find a good time to meet because it was almost the high holidays. As it turns out, I had a friend bail on me to go see up-and-coming (at the time) comedian Amy Schumer and offered the extra ticket to Jason. He took me up on it, and then matched my nicer-than-normal first date activity with a nicer-than-normal first date dinner beforehand. When I got to the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised to see he was just as tall as his profile claimed. We had a nice time and enjoyed the show. I wasn’t completely sold on him just yet, but decided to give it a second date to be sure because first dates can be so awkward.

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!
Lindsay&Jason03On our second date, Jason called me out for something that was on my JDate profile that I had put on there specifically to weed people out. Not only did he know what the reference was, but he had a story that could connect to it as well. He walked me home that night – 30 blocks from the restaurant – and kissed me goodnight. I knew from our conversation that he would be important to me.

What advice would you give other JDaters?
Keep trying. It’s okay to take breaks, but JDate does work if you take it seriously and know what you want. If you have the opportunity to go on a second date, do it! With the right person, it’s definitely more comfortable than the first.

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