Dear JDate,

cont-mt-liroan-dannyI met Danny through JDate in February 2003. We chatted for a while, and then, we finally decided to contact each other by phone. After talking all day, we realized that we knew each other because we went to the same temple when we were younger. It’s funny how the world turns. It really makes a full circle and starts right where it left off.

After Danny and I spoke for about a month, we became official, and not long after, he proposed.

It is amazing how we are meant for each other. Everything about us makes sense. He is a very well-educated, beautiful-soul type of man. While telling my story to the world, we were asked to describe the feelings that we both had when we first met. An article was written on our behalf in a wedding magazine telling the world that we were blessed by finding each other. After finally deciding a date for our wedding — August 1, 2004, we planned until we didn’t know how to anymore. 🙂 We celebrated with a wonderful engagement party and our wedding!

Danny is my soul mate, and it is because of JDate that I found him. We had a beautiful wedding and a wonderful honeymoon. And all we can say is: thank you JDate for making it possible to find each other once again.

Liroan & Danny
Miami, Florida

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