Dear JDate,

cont-mt-lisa-darrylI’m very happy to tell you of another success story…mine and Lisa’s! Lisa and I met at the beginning of September 1999 after a series of emails and phone calls. We had what I can only describe as a magical first date, where we shared our first kiss and walked hand in hand. I knew I had found someone special. We both knew. About four months later, on New Years Eve, we got engaged. We planned on getting married on the next New Years Eve — and we meant it…

On December 31, 2000 at the beautiful St. Thomas Synagogue in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, we did indeed get married. We both had our families with us to make it a truly special occasion. We held our reception on a catamaran and sailed the waters around St. Thomas while the sun slowly set behind us. The exotic location and the amazing history of the synagogue only added to the excitement on our special day. We’ve never been happier!

Thanks JDate

Lisa & Darryl
Ottawa, Canada

p.s. My sister and her husband, who also met on JDate, were at the wedding too.

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