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Last week, six months after our marriage, Mark and I sat down to reread our early JDate emails. It brought back all the anxiety, uncertainty and excitement we experienced as we embarked on our new relationship. Both of us were battle-weary, having ended long-term marriages, and our lives were complicated – young adult children, older parents and demanding jobs.  What a surprise to meet someone with whom to share these experiences and how wonderful to see how this relationship continues to deepen and grow.

Fast forward, five years after we first met on JDate, we were married in our backyard with all five children, our extended family and friends in attendance. Our honeymoon was spent hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, Peru — a trip neither of us would have taken before. Life continues to be challenging, but we relish the opportunity to plan the next half-century of our lives together.   

Lisa and Mark
Bethesda, Maryland

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  1. Mazel Tov, Lisa and Mark. It just goes to prove that anything worth wanting is truly worth waiting for and you both have done just that.
    May you spend many more years together in love, with communication and patience always.
    Much nachas to you both,
    Jan Levine

  2. Mazel Tov Lisa and Mark,
    May you have lots of Joyous years together in Great Health and Happiness.
    Thank You for sharing your story..
    It gives Inspiration and HOPE to those of us that are still searching for our Beshert !!
    Jdate is a great site for accomplishing this goal !!
    Cheers, Miriam, ( Toronto , Canada )

  3. Mazal Tov

    Wishing both of you a future with health, happiness and propserity.


  4. What a most marvelous message.
    You’ve put so well the fact that for
    those post mid-life there is so much to juggle
    to make the perfect match. I love your hopeful
    positive message.

    Mazeltov and L’Chaiim


  5. Charming and hopeful. Wishing only the best for the next half century. Stay healthy!!

  6. I wish you good luck and long life properity,wish to be lucky like you on JDATE too.

  7. I am delighted to hear that you have both found happiness. May G-d bless your union always!


  8. Mark and Lisa:
    Yours was about the nicest wedding I ever attended.
    And I recall that Lisa’s brother’s comments were funny:)
    Really nice to see J, near the chupah, taking care of/watching his brother.
    Wonderful service.
    May you have many years of happiness.
    and to Mark
    Thank you, thank you.
    To paraphrase the Talmud….
    If you help one person, it is as if you have helped the entire world.

  9. What a beautiful story! It gives me hope….I would love to have a happy ending just like Mark & Lisa’s!


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