Little ditty about Jon and Diana…two Jewish-American kids growin’ up in the heartland…oops, wrong story.
Saturday evening I attended the wedding of a dear friend.  Having witnessed several of her close calls over the last five years, it was an absolute joy to witness this obvious perfect union.  The mutual love and admiration was felt by everyone in the room.  Although Jon and Diana both utilized JDate for years, they met in person while volunteering. The fact is they would have never met on JDate because they didn’t fit each other’s preconceived search criteria.  At 5’5” he is three inches shorter than she and at 39 she is two years older than he.  But when they met, all the criteria fell to the side and within four months they we’re engaged and four months later, married.  Talk about certainty.
Having witnessed several of Diana’s past relationships, I truly feel this imperfect (i.e. didn’t fit their original expectations) match ended up being the most perfect match possible.  Mazel Tov J and D – your love for each other permeates and brings so much joy to your family and friends!!
Lessons learned:
A) Be open to throw away that checklist. You may discover something better than you ever had hoped for.
B) IFFFF you can’t be open-minded, then stick with your checklist. You may (though unlikely) find that made-to-order person.  Relationships are fragile and having an excuse to jump or the stress of an obstacle/checklist to overcome puts unnecessary stress on any relationship.  It is not worth it.  Be truly open or stick with what you feel you need.
C) My friend was committed to finding the “one.”  She made her search a second job. Whether it was timing, the right one, a combo of both, who knows… But she is happier than I have ever seen her.  I’m sure Diana wishes she met Jon three years ago but she wouldn’t have gone through the journey she did making the end reward all that much sweeter for the both of them.
I don’t know much, but I do know both rain and sunshine are necessary for a rainbow. Enjoy the ride, treasures are guaranteed on the other side…or at least a funny looking leprechaun.