Three real estate lingo buzz words when looking for that perfect home…that don’t necessarily translate in the search for the perfect mate.  In today’s economic crisis, dating can be a financial strain for those with an uncertain future or for those who have recently been part of a reduction in force. 

However, there are so many fun activities to take advantage of in a metropolitan city like NYC where most people are living life in a New York minute and there is barely enough time to smell the proverbial roses.  For example, a fun recent date involved taking a tour of the west village on foot and discovering the hidden nooks and charms while having a taste test of arguably the best burger establishments in NYC. 

As you wander the streets and stroll through the street fairs, every topic under the sun is bound to come up..and really isn’t that the goal? To have an enjoyable time and determine whether or not your values and goals are compatible. Don’t get me wrong; as a foodie, a meal at Nobu can be unforgettable, but with the right person, so can the streets of the west village or the DMV for that matter.  Walking the street fairs of the west village, $0.  A burger at the Corner Bistro, $7.  Good company, priceless.