Dear Gems from Jen,
I met and fell in love with someone who lives half way around the planet (Sydney/ New York). He is not prepared to entertain the fact that this could be the real thing because of the distance, whereas I would move heaven and earth to be with him. He ended our relationship to be with a New Yorker. I don’t believe I will ever fall for someone the way I fell for him again. It has been 6 months since we were together and I still can’t stop thinking about him. What should I do?

Dear Long Distance Relationship,
I know how difficult it can be to have strong feelings for someone and they are not reciprocating those feelings. My best suggestion, although this may seem harsh, would be to move forward and realize this was not meant to be at this time. Sometimes it is easier to think about what could have been rather than the challenges that are reality. 
Do yourself a favor and get rid of any mementos you may have from this guy. Rid yourself of emails, text messages, letters, gifts, etc. The more you have to remind you of him the longer these feelings will linger. It sounds as if you have not let go of this man yet. Now is the time to begin the process of letting go in order for you to move forward and meet the person who is willing to move heaven and earth for you.  Start to change your thinking and realize you do have the potential to fall for someone again, and hopefully next time he will be ready and just as willing as you appear to be. A broken heart takes time to mend so surround yourself with people who love and support you. Make the decision to put this guy behind you. Once you take some basic steps to begin the letting go process things will become easier.
When you feel ready, utilize the great service JDate provides and begin to enjoy yourself again! I hope this helps.
Gems from Jen