Dear Gems from Jen,

My date keeps looking on JDate. We have met twice, and it seems we have much in common. We both do visual art, and our jobs are fairly retailed. He seems to be a respected business man and well behaved. Should I be anxious about it, confront him and draw the line? Or just go with the flow and make the best out of what he offers and have fun?


Dear Gail,

Two dates is a nice start, but it does not sound like this is a committed relationship, at least not yet.  My question to you is; how do you know he is continuing to look on JDate? There are only a couple of possible answers. Either you are continuing to look as well, or you are keeping tabs on him.  My suggestion is to slow down, way down. What will confronting him with this information and drawing the line do for you? My best guess is it will make him run and hide and it will cause you to lose any potential you might have with this man. Rushing a relationship does not generally work. Go with the flow and see what develops. It sounds like you are off to a great start. Take your time and enjoy the experience of getting to know this guy. Keep your profile on JDate and continue dating until you have entered into an exclusive relationship. Have some fun with your dating experiences.

 Gems from Jen