I’m still not sure why I decided to expand the parameters of my search preferences to so far away, or what the specifications even were, that the only result that came up was a guy who was (seemingly) millions of miles away in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In a city literally teeming with Jews (Brooklyn), I had no intentions of entering into a long-distance relationship – it seemed like such a hassle and so stressful. So, logically, I sent him a message.

For the next couple of weeks we exchanged phone calls and text messages here and there, until one week where we were suddenly found ourselves speaking every night for a couple of hours at a time. Then one night Aviv decided he was going to come to New York for our first (and second) date.

I never told Aviv this, but I was so looking forward to our date (and so nervous I was going to be late) that when my train was moving a little too slowly, I got out and jumped in a taxi. Once there, we just sat around drinking fancy beer for hours, but it was easily the most comfortable and genuinely fun date I’d ever been on.

Before I knew it, we were scheduling flights weeks in advance and then months in advance. Eventually, one of us was flying almost every other week to see each other, and chatting on Skype almost every night in between. Aviv moved to New York a couple months ago and proposed one night after a fun day and a fancy Hanukkah party. We’re getting married in May.

Thank you, JDate. I never thought I’d be writing this letter, but I have you to thank for making my last-first-date possible.

Lorraine and Aviv
Brooklyn, New York

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  1. that’s a fabulous story! congrats! nice to know it can happen!!

  2. Great writing, Lorraine! I can’t wait to meet Aviv. Hopefully it will be sometime before my own wedding (:

    I am so incredibly happy for you both. Looking forward to having some fancy beers with you soon.


  3. Mazel Tov Lorraine! You are a wonderful woman and will have a wonderful family and life with Aviv.

  4. Congratulations Lorraine & Aviv! May we all be so fortunate.

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