California is pretty much drenched in fiery flame, and the inferno couldn’t be less reflective of the love lives of several of the girls I know. Just in time for the back-to-school b.s., girls seeking sufficient motivation to actually attend class are searching to satisfy said quest in the form of males who happen to matriculate at their chosen institutions. And while classes are still held in the midst of suffocating (and equally ominous) black clouds, the air quality outside isn’t even half as toxic as your post not-so-great-date state-of-mind. So while you’re stuck in class taking notes on what is sure to not help you achieve nuptial nirvana, you’re daydreaming that your love life gets as hot as the So Cal hillsides. The good news about this not-so-staged disaster set in our silver screen city? “Can you believe the weather” now constitutes an actual social starter! So while you’re pretending to take notes when you’re really marking your initials with that of some mystery man – remember that your love life can catch flame faster than the autumn brush. Maybe a little delinquent activity can help expedite the process. Smoke, loiter, you have a myriad of options at your heart’s (literally) disposal. Sometimes being bad is what gets you feeling so good.