Dear Tamar,

I’m a caring, honest gentleman who has lost faith and trust. I haven’t received any responses from members on JDate and I’ve been on for a year.  I’m looking for a nice, genuine, caring, cute girl, but after reading through profiles, it’s hard to tell whether or not they’re real. How can you tell?

Dear Losing Faith,

I know it’s hard not to get cynical when dating has become difficult, but try to keep faith that there are some really great ladies out there who are perfect for you and who want to date and marry you. My advice would be not to worry about if profiles are fake or not but, rather, to concentrate more on what you’re putting out there and who you’re pursuing. Are your pictures and profile up to par? Are your preferences realistic? Make sure you’re representing yourself honestly, just as you want women to be honest, as well. Also, be careful of not being too forward in your introductory emails; simply let the women know what about them you found intriguing, what commonalities you have and that you’d like to get to know her better. Ask the most down to earth woman you know to check out your pictures, profile, preferences and emails to make sure you’re coming across the way you’re hoping to. Once you have that taken care of, I’m sure you will start getting some responses. Good Luck!