Dear Gems from Jen,

I know there is supposed to be an amount of time before a guy calls a girl after a date.  However, I’m 24 and I’m not looking for high school drama anymore.

I really enjoyed this girl’s company on our first date.  We had an absolute blast and both agreed that we wanted to see each other again.  On the date, she mentioned she enjoyed “the chase.”  As you can tell, I’m not really that kind of guy.

How long should I wait and how can I make this feel like she has her chase as well? Thanks in advance.


Dear Lost in Translation,

I’m not so sure there is an appropriate amount of time before a guy calls a girl.  If you were to ask 100 women how long should a guy wait to call my bet is you will have 100 different answers. Many women do enjoy the chase; on the other hand, a good number of us do not like to feel as if we are being smothered. Give her a call when you feel you want to speak with her. You don’t have to call her every day, but you do need to make it clear to her you are interested. Dating is not about game playing, but it is about timing. Avoid the drama all together and call her. If she is just about the chase you will find that out very quickly. She did agree she wanted to see you again, so put aside any fear and/or anxiety you may be feeling and pick up the phone.

Gems from Jen