I’ve found, especially in the summer time, that my schedule looks like a gigantic grocery list of things I have to do and plans that I scheduled three months prior. So, whenever someone “new” that I’m starting to date enters my life and wants to put their mark on my schedule, I find myself in cahoots with how to make time to see them and still maintain a balance of making plans with my friends and getting all that I need to do, done.

  • Do: Block out at least one evening or weekend afternoon for this person a week. That should be a minimum for someone you’ve first started to date. That way you are seeing them a balanced amount in comparison to the many other things or plans you may already have. Try to make plans with them in advance and not wait for the last minute. That’s when you’ll find yourself stressed out, feeling like you’re balancing the social calendar of a Kardashian.
  • Don’t: Feel like you have to invite your new “person” out with you because you are busy with too many plans. In the early stages, having them tag along to events or friends’ gatherings may be a bit weird and it’s truthfully not a very ideal place to get to know them. Instead of overwhelming them with how busy your calendar looks, give them some open windows you have for the week and see if they can make some time to see you then.
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