When I first meet a guy that really gives my heart the flutters, I always enjoy trying out fun new things and places with him. But recently, when a nice guy asked me on a second date the location he picked was his apartment and the activity was watching a movie. While that’s a lovely thing to do and can be a lot of fun, it was not a comfortable setting or something that exemplified that he wanted to get to know me.

Do: Take her around town. I’m not saying shower her with expensive dinners you can’t afford—there’s plenty of free activities you can do that are fun and also have a “get to know you” element attached to them. Hanging out in a neutral setting puts each of you at a more equal comfort level. That’s important, especially early on.

Don’t: Invite her over to your apartment to “hang out” on dates 1—a long time. Asking her to come over and play Xbox makes it feel like she’s just one of your buds and she may feel as though you’re not putting in a lot of effort to win her over or charm her. Dating is supposed to make someone feel special and having her sit on your fast food covered couch, may send the very wrong signals.

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