I’m guilty of this a lot. I make plans – just to end up breaking plans. But am I really to blame? After a long day at work, I feel much more comfortable plopping down in front of my TV screen and stuffing my face with pasta than I do on a first date with a stranger. Often, I cancel. Often, I cancel the day of – which is never a nice thing to do.

  • Do: If you set a date and you know it’s not going to work out with your schedule, try to give them a heads up in advance. When you’re canceling, always have a backup time so that you can instantly reschedule. If you are canceling because you’re not interested, tell them that in a nice, and direct, way.
  • Don’t: Wait till the morning of the date. I did this recently and the person was very upset. Can you even blame them? People are busy and make plans in advance. Also, if someone has already gone through the process of planning a date, canceling it is not fair to them.
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