It’s hard to believe in love again, especially when you’ve been burned. How can you possibly believe in something that once gave you so much happiness, but now gives you so much pain? How can you believe in love when you were so sure that the last person was the one, yet somehow you were dreadfully wrong?

It’s easy to be doubtful about love. But what good does constant doubt do? All it does is make you worry, cause you to think negatively and cut you off from possibilities. And even with all your doubt and skepticism, love still exists out there. Here are a few reasons to keep believing so that love can find you once again.

1. If No One Was In Love, We’d All Be Miserable

Imagine how miserable we would be without any love. Imagine how much less populated the planet would be.

Love is out there and it’s happening. Sure, maybe it’s not happening to you at this very moment, but it will. Love exists. Look around. Happy couples exist. Happy people exist. If you only see unhappiness, that is because you are unhappy.

2. If You Don’t Believe, You Won’t Receive

That’s what the Christians tell kids about Santa Claus, and that’s what you need to believe about love. If you think it doesn’t exist or won’t happen for you, guess what? It won’t.

Your thoughts send out energy to others around you. If you really believe love is not possible for you, then eventually, you’ll fool yourself so much that you’ll prevent it from happening, even when it’s supposed to.

Talk about self-sabotage! Don’t let that be you.

3. Believing Opens You Up To Possibility

When you believe that love exists, you create a place for love in your life. You leave the door open to possibilities. Just by believing for one hour, one day or one week, you open up your heart and close off the doubt you’ve been having.

By opening yourself up to the idea that love exists for you, you may find that people you met or dated before but had just “shrugged off” might start to look differently to you. You might find that right under your nose, there is someone there who is just right for you.

4. Having Hope Makes Life Much Better

If you walk around believing that love is some fairy-tale nonsense that only happens to select people who drink the “Kool-Aid” of life, then truly, how much fun are you to be around, party-pooper?

Being positive and having hope that love will and can happen to you makes life much better!

Imagine waking up every day expecting the worst. What kind of mood would you be in? What kind of energy would you give off to others? You’d be giving off bad vibes 24/7.

Having hope makes enduring life’s hardships and heartaches a lot easier. If you truly believe that there is no possible happy ending for your life, that’s quite a glum attitude to have to swallow each and every day.

True love is out there. It exists. Are you in love today? Probably not, if you’re reading this article. You may not be in love tomorrow, the next day or many days after, but eventually, the right one will cross your path. You must believe it. Giving up is not an option!

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