Well, here we are, at the end of 2016! Can you even believe it? I sure can’t! There are mixed emotions when it comes to New Year’s Eve. When polling my friends, about half absolutely detest the holiday and want it to be gone as quickly as it arrives. And then the other half loves celebrating, dressed up in metallics and sequins, decked out and ready to ring in the new year. I’m a mix of both. I certainly don’t despise the holiday, but I’m also not super into it either anymore. I’m on the “low-key” side of the NYE spectrum.

If you’re coupled up and planning on spending it with your bae, you might want to stay inside cuddled up on the couch instead of going out to a big fancy dinner or party. I’m totally on board with this. However, there are ways to make your low-key night just a tad more exciting, with and without other people. Here are some of the best laid-back NYE ideas for couples.

1. Potluck With Friends

A potluck dinner is always a good idea. Gather a group of your friends, and assign each person (or couple) part of the dinner, while you handle the main course. Between appetizers, sides and desserts, there’s enough for everyone to make something. And more than likely, you’ll have leftovers for everyone to take home. This might be more enjoyable than going out to a dinner with a prix fixe menu. This way, those that want to get dressed up can, and those who want to relax can stay in comfy clothes.

2. Stay In And Order Chinese Food

Now, before you say this sounds super-lame, it’s really not. If you’re with good company, a delicious Chinese food meal, great wine (or cocktails) and fun games are really the perfect combination. This is for the couple who doesn’t want to get dressed up, and just wants to truly lay low. Personally, this sounds good to me!

3. Ice Skating And S’mores

If you’re looking for something a bit more active, go to a local ice rink, act like a kid again and just skate with your bf/gf. You’ll probably be exhausted after an hour, so it’ll then be time to go home or have a casual dinner somewhere that doesn’t require reservations; then, it’s s’mores time! Because who doesn’t love s’mores? If you don’t have access to a fireplace or fire pit, you can make them in your microwave! Melted chocolate and marshmallows on a graham cracker … I mean, what could be a better way to ring in the new year?

4. Cook A Meal Together

Another cozy, low-key idea is cooking together. For this one, each of you should pick a different recipe. So, you pick the appetizer and main course recipes, while he/she picks the sides and dessert. Then, you both make everything together. If it gets messy, so what? Pour some champagne, turn on great music and have fun in the kitchen!

5. Holiday Movie Marathon 

There are countless great holiday movies out there. Pick a few and have a marathon. Rather than cooking, order in from a nice restaurant so you don’t miss a minute of any of your movie picks. Make it a more special restaurant than the typical places you order from (and check in advance if they are delivering on NYE, too). Enjoy your fine dining while watching Jude Law and Cameron Diaz fall in love (“The Holiday” is my personal favorite holiday movie).

Make New Year’s Eve what you want to make it. If you’re into going out to a big party or fancy restaurant, go for it. But if you’re not into that at all and prefer something low-key, then use any of the ideas above. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make it a fancy night if that’s not your thing. Do what you want to do and have a blast ringing in the new year. Here’s to 2017!

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