You never think it will happen to you – but it did. When we met on JDate, we had both been through difficult, traumatic, life-changing experiences. We’d both been on the dating scene for a few months and met some nice and interesting people from JDate (and through friends). We’d had some really fun times. Still, neither of us had really clicked with anyone.

We started chatting online on JDate and it was quite a long time (at least a month, with some long silences in between) before we spoke on the phone. We quickly felt at ease in each other’s company, however, and it was good to have our first chat on the phone, without the nerves of a face-to-face meeting. We spoke for hours — and the fire started!

After a couple more calls, we exchanged photos and were not put off! We started dating and knew straight away that this was “The One.” Fifteen months after we met, we married in a snowy winter-wonderland wedding. We celebrated our first anniversary on December 18th.

Finding each other has brought us happiness, joy and contentment.

Thank you JDate and good luck to you all!

Lucy and David
London, United Kingdom

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