Let me begin my story by thanking JDate for playing such a meaningful role in my life. I was raised in a secular home, but always knew how important finding someone of my same religion was to me. I was raised knowing from an early age that my parents expected me to marry someone of my own religion. All of my friends kept finding great relationships while in college, but because my school only had about 10 people in their Hillel, I knew I had to look outside of campus and the bar scene.

My initial search for true love began on JDate back in 2004. I was still in college at William Paterson University and lived on campus, but that did not stop me from meeting many JDaters®! I had some problems with dating sites, but I gave it a try and am truly glad I did.

I went out with over 100 people from JDate while I was on the site from 2004-2007. Most were just first dates, but about 10-15 also got second dates. I even had a handful of semi-serious relationships thanks to the site.

I was just about to give up on JDate, but then I Instant Messaged my future husband. He was up early on a Saturday as he had just recently signed up for JDate. He Instant Messaged me back and we talked on the phone for the next week. His username was “Lil loveable” and mine was “Sweeterthansuga.”

For our first date, since I was in graduate school and living on campus in the Village of Montclair State University, I made him Cornflake Chicken for dinner and we watched his favorite television show, The Simpsons. At the end of the evening he said, “I’m keeping you.”

During our first summer together, David took me to Walt Disney World® for my birthday and we went on a Birthright trip together. Our Birthright trip was called “Israel Outdoors.” We became completely inseparable after that first summer.

We got married on July 3, 2010. Our honeymoon was on a cruise visiting Italy, Spain, Greece, and France.

Having gone on over a hundred JDates, I truly appreciate having found my perfect other half. He completes my sentences and shares my dreams. Thank you JDate for giving me my Beshert.

Lynn and David
New York, New York

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