Magic and Miracles

Something incredible happens the moment December arrives: streets and storefronts are suddenly illuminated, snow promises to fall and holiday party hopping begins in full swing. Yet what truly makes this time of year so magical is that deep down we all believe miracles can happen. If what you are wishing for is a little romance or a fling, odds are in your favor this time of year. Spirits tend to be higher and people get out more to travel, shop, socialize and play.  

It’s a short window of hope and opportunity but here’s how you can make the most of it:

1.       Reward Your Inner Hero: You’ve worked hard all year; now’s a great time to pamper and pleasure yourself. Work winds down and discounts are aplenty, so give yourself some leeway and indulge in a spa treatment or a sharp and sexy holiday number. Not only will you look and feel better (men too!) but you’ll be more likely to shine during all the merriment and festivities.

2.       Stay Away from All the Fried Stuff: Stuffing oneself with fried food may be a holiday mitzvah but loading up on latkes and donuts deep-dunked in oil will only weigh you down. To keep moods stable and high, stick to healthier nibbles and bits when doing the party circuit. Also, be sure to maintain a regular workout regimen because no matter how many cocktails you’ve consumed or hours of sleep you’ve lost, a good shvitz will make you feel better.    

3.       Give the Gift of Time: Doling out chocolate gelt may be a good deed but volunteering your time with those less fortunate than you will go a lot further.  Jewish organizations everywhere are searching for hands to help wrap and deliver gifts, pay friendly visits to the elderly or direct youth programs. Many of these programs attract single, eligible do-gooders during the holiday season, so be sure to check out how you can get involved with your shul or local community center.  

4.       Light up Some Lives for a Night: For an instant holiday mixer, open your home to a few close friends – just be sure to extend a “plus one” invitation. Surprising connections can be made when people come together in an intimate, closed space, particularly if some new and interesting faces are thrown into the mix.  

5.       Get thee to a Matzo Ball: You may hem and haw but a good Jew Do can change your love life. And contrary to popular perception, they don’t just happen on Christmas Eve. There are celebrations leading up to Chanukah and right through to New Year’s, so make it your duty to do the rounds.  

Yes, you can create your own magic and make miracles happen for you. That is the message of the Chanukah story after all, so go ahead and embrace it. is a lifestyle destination where singles get advice, discounts and connect with other singles, and share their inspiring personal success stories. To read more articles about the single lifestyle, click here!
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