Matchmakers have had to take on new techniques in this modern day of technology. Recently I got an email from a friend with a link to a JDate profile, asking me if I knew the girl and if I would approve of him making contact and… get this… if I would lay the groundwork by telling her what a good guy he is as well.

I did know the gal and did approve of his choice, so I agreed to do what he asked and sent her a message letting her know that a guy friend of mine saw her on JDate and would be contacting her on JDate, but wanted to make sure she knew who he was since she was more than likely being inundated with messages. She wrote me back and told me she was interested as well and would look forward to his email.

This is just another example of how to proactively JDate and use all your contacts (and means) to meet your Beshert.

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