As someone that writes about online dating for a living I have visited and seen my fair share of online dating sites.  While many strive for greatness, the truth is that many just do not live up to the hype in terms of user-experience, quality of membership and overall satisfaction.  Yet, there are a few gems in this over-populated field and I must say, JDate falls near the top of the list.  JDate not only delivers on a specific niche, helping Jewish people to find matches in a dwindling Jewish population, but it continues to expand and innovate with new ideas. 

Yet, as great as JDate is and with all the opportunities it provides us, it can still be a challenge to find that perfect person.  This is to no fault of JDate’s.  Finding the perfect person just isn’t all that easy.  Even though it may be a difficult process, there are certainly measures we can take to help make this process just a little bit easier.  And with the New Year just starting to kick off, what better time than to figure out ways we can improve our love life for 2011.

The following tips are three ways that you can help yourself to have an improved dating life on JDate for 2011:

  1. Do not be afraid to make changes.   This may sound like simple advice but we need to be open to making changes within ourselves.  Many of us spend year after year trying to achieve a goal and end up with the same empty results. Well, if something is broke, then fix it! Trying the same things over and over and hoping for a different result is a losing notion.  So take a good hard look at yourself.  Try to figure out what parts of your online dating life could use improvement.  Figure out where you seem to struggle on your real life dates.  Maybe you could benefit from something as simple as a clothing makeover.  Whatever it is, life is a growing process and each year we should find new ways to improve ourselves.
  2. Find someone to provide you with constructive criticism.  None of us like to hear our flaws.  No matter how nicely a person tries to tell you aspects of your personality that could use improvement it is always a touchy subject.  It is human nature to push this type of information away.  Unfortunately, though, sometimes it is necessary to receive some constructive criticism from family and friends.  We all want to be perfect on our dates and build as much attraction as possible.  But what happens when we don’t know what we are doing wrong?  Is the person who has trouble listening really aware of this?  Does the guy or girl with poor body language know this?  It is hard to figure out our difficulties on our own.  Try to get someone you trust, with an objective viewpoint, to assess your dating life and push your own feelings aside.
  3. Review your online profile.  Many of our profiles become the equivalent of a dusty old picture frame after a certain period of time.  So many online daters completely forget to update their profiles, look them over, or even check if they are effectively built.  Your profile is critical to attracting someone.  If you went out to a bar or a club you would dress well and look good to attract, right?  Well, in the digital world, this is the equivalent of making you look good.  So this New Year, go back to the old profile and look it over to make improvements!

These three tips are some easy ways to improve your JDate life this coming year.  Try your best to take every step towards improving your love life.  The rewards could be priceless. 

Joshua Pompey is an online dating expert, consultant and enthusiast.  For more information on online dating, click online dating advice now!

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