I thought I would be the last person on earth writing a JDate Success Story. But, when life moved me 2,000 miles away from all my friends and family, my mindset had to change.

In 2010 I moved to Brooklyn, NY from Colorado for a new job opportunity. In Colorado, I had a very busy social schedule filled with friends and dates, and thought that online dating was just for the divorced or super shy. Upon moving to the big city, I felt alone and overwhelmed. I had no friends, just my “yenta” Jewish grandmother and my cousin. I was a fish out of water and could not adjust to the crazy dating scene in New York. It also did not help that my grandma thought that at 27 I was too old and no one would want me.

My cousin asked me to join JDate a month after I moved to New York, she begged and pleaded. I told her I’d give it a shot. I tried it for one month and hated it. The guys that I met were cheesy, superficial, and all wrong for me. I told her that it was not for me, and that the guy I was looking for was not in New York. I threw myself into work, trying not to think about being homesick. In October, my cousin’s birthday came around. For her birthday wish, she asked me to get back on JDate. She wanted me to find love and happiness like she saw in so many of her friends who found the same on JDate. I told her I’d give it one more shot.

On a Saturday night, two weeks into the membership, a guy named Marat contacted me. His profile picture looked like the boy next door and his personality seemed so down to earth. We started chatting through the website and hit it off right away. He asked me out to dinner that night and, even though it was last minute, I had a feeling that this guy was something special. I did not want to play any games and I was right about him.

At that point, Marat had been on and off JDate for three years. He said he had a really hard time finding the right girl in New York because he wanted a girl with Midwestern characteristics. Marat and I had a wonderful first date filled with similarities and laughs. As an NBA referee, Marat has a very unique profession and I think it is very commending that he is the only Jewish referee in all of the NBA. Although, the most interesting coincidence is that on the day of our first date, he flew back from Colorado and had no plans which took him to JDate.

We had our second date the following day, and then he invited me to fly to see him work the next weekend. Even though it was crazy, I decided to make the trip and spend our third date in Charlotte. Two weeks later we said, “I love you” and decided to move forward.

We knew we wanted to get married right away and started looking for a ring. On August 4th he proposed in Montreal, and we are getting married this Labor Day in Long Island. Due to his crazy travel schedule, we have had to create a communication system that works for us. I support him as he lives his dream and he appreciates everything that I do. We would have never found each other if it was not for JDate. Thank you!


“Nothing, but net”

Mariana and Marat
Brooklyn, New York

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  1. Nice story… Joy in store for you both. Curious about what “midwestern characteristics” means…probably something close to “down to earth’, or around there? but whatever, glad you both found it!

  2. Good to know that above and beyond long distance and tight schedules, two people still can find their soul mates and the love we all are looking for on JDATE . You guys are very encouraging and I think I would take the risk as well, 5,ooo miles away or so from what I think my soul mate is can be conquered and who knows I might be another success story just like you guys, congratulations!!!

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