Who would think that joining JDate without any intentions would lead to my future as someone’s wife?

Four years ago, I met my husband Josh on JDate. My friends and I joined JDate after going on Birthright and decided we needed to date, and one day marry, someone Jewish. Who knew I would be the one to meet my husband, the only guy I ever met and dated from the site?

It’s true what they say about the Jewish community being so small. Josh and I knew a lot of the same people and hung out at a lot of the same places.

On August 15, 2009, Josh proposed and surprised me with an engagement party right after the proposal. On November 13, 2010, we were married in a temple in Oceanside, Long Island. Our rabbi told us more than 75 percent of the weddings he performs (both in that temple and elsewhere) are products of JDate.

We have been married now for almost two years and have inspired a lot of our friends to join the site in hopes of meeting their Beshert. We hope you are just as inspired and as lucky as we are.

Marne and Josh
Brooklyn, New York

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