You love the girl, but are you ready to marry her? Maybe … or maybe not. Regardless of whether she feels the same way, there is clearly one group of people (her family) who most certainly know what you should be doing – and that’s asking your girlfriend to marry you. If her family could buy the ring for you, they would have by now. It’s enough to make a guy nervous … or even run for the hills.

Not sure if her family is ready for you two to say “I do?” Here are the signs that they’re expecting a proposal any day now.

1. “When Will We Have Grandchildren?”

No, they haven’t even seen you two walk down the aisle, but they’re impatient for those grandchildren. They’ve even got your future kids’ names picked out, all of which are named after dead family members of theirs that you haven’t even met.

Everything they do, whether it’s answer the door or pass the matzo at Passover, ends with asking about grandchildren.

2. Wedding Talk

Your Jewish girlfriend’s mother begins every conversation talking about the last wedding she attended. Of course, she goes on ad nausem about what the bride wore and what everyone else wore. Let’s not forget the 20-minute discussion solely on the bride’s engagement ring.

She says all of this while looking at you so intently that your skin crawls. You wonder if you will exit the conversation alive or not.

3. Holiday Hovering

Is her family asking about your relationship status on every High Holy Day and holiday? Don’t even think about making a joke about it, lest the parents look at you like you should be stoned, old-school, Old Testament style. Your Jewish girlfriend even laughs uncomfortably, and you’re not sure if she feels the same way as they do … or not.

4. Sibling Rivalry

You probably know every good and bad thing about your girlfriend’s siblings’ marriages, as well as what her parents think about these spouses, thanks to them sharing every last detail. They’ve clearly bonded with the spouses of their kids and are hinting that getting their offspring paired off is critical.

5. Keeping Her Options Open

As if the pressure was enough, your girlfriend’s Jewish mom has now decided it’s time for an intervention. She introduces your girlfriend casually (or sometimes rather obviously) to other men who she believes will make a better life partner than you. She may even reminisce about how much she loved your girlfriend’s former boyfriend. Plainly put, she’s tired of you making her kid wait to be a wife.

No matter how much pressure these people are putting on you, getting married is a huge life commitment. If you think a breakup is difficult, talk to people who are divorced. Make the call to marry someone because you’ve decided that you cannot live without him or her in your life. Don’t make the call because you think it’s what her parents want, because your friends are doing it or because you’re afraid she will dump you. Make the choice in your own heart when the time is right.

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