Our story is different. While it is well known that JDate helps people find romance, it can also lead to lasting friendship.

Matt: The circumstances under which I met my new friend Eric were unique, to stay the least. I had been on JDate for a few months and went on a few successful dates, but nothing that lasted. Like many recent college grads, especially the ones that have to live at home after school, I wondered how I would meet new people, specifically new women.

While at work one day in September of 2009, I received a Flirt from a cute girl named Rachel. Having nothing to do at work that day, I wrote back, asking her the standard questions about her life. A few hours later, I get a Facebook IM from my childhood friend, Lauren, who was also on JDate (as a side note, Lauren and I had lost touch over the years, but reconnected, and eventually saw each other again). Lauren told me that one of her best friends, Rachel, had Flirted with me, which was exciting.

Rachel and I exchanged emails over the next few days. Then, on a Friday, Lauren texted me, saying that Rachel would be around on Saturday, and that we all should hang out. I went over to Lauren’s place to meet Rachel for the first time. I was then introduced to Lauren’s date for the evening, Eric. The four of us went out to a bar that evening to have a good time. Immediately, Eric and I struck up a conversation, thanks in large part to our mutual love of the Mets and Billy Joel. As for the rest of the evening, Rachel and I didn’t work out and we didn’t see each other again (no ill will at all though), but Eric and I made it a point to hang out in the future.

It would be well over a month until Eric and I finally met up, but when we did, it was the bro-tastic time I dreamt it would be. We’ve seen each other on a regular basis since, going out to dinner, bars and sporting events.success-matt-eric-02

So in my quest to find a connection with a female, I wound up gaining a good male friend, something which I may have needed just as much.

Eric: I first joined JDate in late December of 2008 while I was home from school for winter break. I hadn’t remained friends with too many people from home, and I felt like it was the perfect way to meet some new and interesting people. I’ve never had a problem meeting girls, but when you’re not going out with friends often, it severely limits your options for meeting others. JDate seemed like the best way to overcome that obstacle. During that initial time on the site, I went on a few successful dates, but ultimately nothing came from them and once I got back to school in January, I cancelled my subscription.

Upon graduating in May, I renewed my subscription to the site. Once again, I went on a few successful first dates, and even some second dates, but nothing serious came about. Fast forward to the end of the summer and Lauren. After talking for a few weeks between the site, text, Facebook and AIM, Lauren and I finally got together in the beginning of the summer on a Thursday night. We hit it off right away, and before the date was over, Lauren invited me on a double date with her friend Rachel and another guy from JDate.

Saturday night comes and we all meet up at Lauren’s house. A few minutes after I arrived, Rachel’s date, Matt, showed up. We proceeded to go to a local bar for a few drinks and some good conversation. While I was obviously talking to Lauren and Rachel, Matt and I were conversing the most. Our mutual love for the Mets and Billy Joel kept the conversation flowing the entire time. By the end of the night, both Matt and I knew we would have to get together again.

Lauren and I ultimately didn’t work out, although we remain friends. Matt and I kept in touch, and a little over a month after first meeting, we made plans to meet up one night. After talking about sports, girls, and other guy things over a few beers that night, we knew this was turning into a quality friendship. Since that time, we’ve hung out on numerous occasions, and will continue to do so in the future.

When I joined JDate, I was looking for romance. Little did I know, the best thing to ultimately come from it would be a bromance.

Matt and Eric
Ardsley, New York

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  1. Thanks you guys, for putting a smile on my face. I actually met my best friend on line 4 years ago. Most of my high school/college friends kind of lost touch when they married, so I can definatley relate as to why you feel so lucky to have found each other.

    Here’s hoping you’d double date with your nice Jewish Kalas soon!

  2. Congratulations on your bromance! I, too, have made lasting friends through JDate, as the romance part doesn’t always click. Mazal tov 🙂

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