Everyone loves a little matzo ball soup. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is; there’s simply something medicinal about matzo ball soup. It invokes so many emotions and feelings. It’s more than a soup … it’s a cure-all!

If you’re nursing a broken heart after a breakup or a divorce, why not whip up a good bowl of matzo ball soup and put on some Netflix? If it was good enough for your Jewish mother and grandmother to make for you when you were sick as a kid, how could it not help heal your saddened heart? In case you need a reminder, here are some of the reasons this cherished dish might make your relationship woes a little easier to swallow.

1. Matzo Ball Soup Brings Back Happy Memories

Just the taste of matzo ball soup is enough to remind you of your family. It’s comforting to be reminded of the people that love you, even if you are a sniffling, sobbing, heartbroken mess that literally no one could love. One spoonful is enough to bring back memories of the people who are close to your heart, and while your heart is breaking, the comforts of home will do you some good.

It’s not just that this soup reminds you of the people you love, but also that it brings up happy memories of holidays and times with your family. Our memories can live on so vividly that one bowl of soup can bring you back to happier times, something you need when you’re nursing heartbroken wounds.

It’s certainly better to imagine holidays that have passed rather than the fights you had with your ex or, even worse, the last time you two kissed or held each other. Why think about the good and bad times with someone who pulverized your heart? Instead, remember all the good times made with people who will be there for you for life.

2. Matzo Ball Soup Is The Ultimate Comfort Food

Even non-Jews love matzo ball soup! It’s traditional and time-honored. One bowl of soup brings much comfort, which is needed when you’re feeling like utter crap over a breakup or a divorce. Besides, it’s much healthier than other comfort foods like latkes, so you can feel good while eating and crying.

And logistically if you cry into your soup, no one can really tell! You might make the matzo balls slightly soggy, but it’s doubtful. On the other hand, sobbing into your latkes is sure to make them wilt a little.

3. Matzo Ball Soup Is A Great Distraction

Make your own matzo ball soup in order to transform your tears into a productive activity. Instead of crying over the situation, you can turn your heartache into food and food into company! Don’t stay home alone sniveling to yourself over that jerk; instead, force yourself to socialize and invite guests over for the best soup ever. The combination of the friendly company and the delicious soup will help you forget why you were sad in the first place. Sharing this special soup with people you love and have your back will help you feel better in no time!

4. Matzo Ball Soup Helps You Get Your Appetite Back

Not hungry due to your depressing heartache? A little bit of salt always feeds the cravings when you’re sick, sad or hungry. Add some to your stock pot and let the soup work its magic. Soon, you’ll have your appetite back again, and heck, you might even be happy once more.

Stop settling for junk food and takeout when you’ve got the breakup blues. Whip up some tasty matzo ball soup just like Mom used to make to start healing from your heartbreak.

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