The founder of MatzoBall, a popular Jewish singles event held in several cities across the country each year on Christmas Eve, is adding a new event to his ever-expanding list of Jewish singles mixers – and he says this new event will be right up your alley!

Hoping to start another annual tradition, Andy Rudnick, the founder of MatzoBall, is launching MatzoBowl. Partnering with fifteen Lucky Strike bowling alleys throughout the country, the MatzoBowl aims to bring singles together for an unforgettable evening of fun (and the possibility of finding true love), all while supporting a good cause. A portion of proceeds from the event will be donated to Bowl for the Cure®, a fund-raising initiative which has partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Jewish singles in New York City will get their first chance to hit the lanes this April, while the other 14 MatzoBowl events will be spread out between now and July. As an online magazine dedicated to helping Jewish singles connect and find love, we wanted to hear all about this new way to mix and mingle! So, we reached out to Rudnick to get his thoughts on connecting Jewish singles, playing matchmaker and why you’ll be bowled over by his new event.


JMag: Tell us why you decided to found MatzoBall 26 years ago and what has surprised you the most about the event over the years.

AR: I founded the MatzoBall when I was in college.  Every Christmas Eve my friends and I had nothing to do. Our friends who celebrated Christmas would be home with their families while my Jewish friends and I would sit at home bored, watching TV! We started to invite our other Jewish friends over and before we knew it, it turned into a big Jewish party. It became so big that we thought renting out a nightclub would be ideal to accommodate all of the people interested in coming. I was in search of the ultimate Jewish girl and realized that most of the people who showed up to these parties were single. That’s how the MatzoBall became an opportunity to meet your future love of your life.


JMag: We’ve read that MatzoBall is responsible for introducing more than 1,000 couples who went on to marry. What’s the best part about creating an event that is responsible for so much love?

AR: There is nothing better than hearing stories of couples that met at a MatzoBall. The best part about creating an event responsible for more than 1000 marriages is that I met my wife at this event!  It is so funny to hear that couples who met and ended up marrying each other are now actually sending their children to the MatzoBall! Wow, does time fly!


JMag:You serve as a great testimonial for your own event! Can you share a little insight into the night you first met your wife at the MatzoBall?

Andy Rudnick poses with his wife Catherine

AR: It was Christmas Eve 1997 in Boston. I saw her and knew right away she was who I wanted marry.  We danced all night long and had the best chemistry! We had our first date on Valentine’s Day, were engaged in September, and married in February. I met my soul mate and I am more in love with her every day!


JMag: What can Jewish singles expect from the MatzoBowl and why should they go?

AR: MatzoBowl will be just like MatzoBall in the sense that it will be full of young, single professionals, all coming together in hopes of finding that special someone. There will be a DJ and dancing, like the MatzoBall, but people will be able to challenge one another in a game of bowling as well, allowing them to communicate in a different atmosphere than the MatzoBall. Each lane will be organized by gender and the men will rotate so that everyone gets a personalized opportunity to mingle!

Basically, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be surrounded by hundreds of local Jewish professionals who are all looking to meet one another.

The first MatzoBowl will be held in New York City on Monday, April 8th 2013, at Lucky Strike (624-660 W. 42nd Street). A portion of proceeds from the evening’s event will be donated to Bowl for the Cure, which has partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Click here to find a MatzoBowl near you.
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