I can’t exactly pinpoint when playing games became somewhat of a requirement to keep both parties interested on the road to relationships, but I do know that it has many people feeling as lost as Kerouac. This strategic little game of phone tag and tactical texting is enough to ensure that both parties are so preoccupied with their next move, they forget about why they ordered the other off the menu in the first place! And, while guys are able to have their choice of chickenheads fried, baked, battered or broiled faster than Mickey D’s can have them admit that they’re loving it, we aren’t exactly able to have it our way with quite so much ease. Eventually, one of the formerly interested parties gets tired of frequenting the usual PHAT food joints. So while he’s scamming on some other white meat, he’s also charbroiling his chances with you. Your once lusted after McHottie is now a less than happy meal, and this USDA grade A choice of meat is no longer perfectly packaged. So you find yourself ready to butcher the entire tryst, and lets face it, a sharp object in hand is a risky little accessory. Thankfully, stainless steel is the new black.