What happens when you combine 1 part talented Jewish wedding photographer, 1 part creative Jewish bride client, 2 parts love for all things wedding, and a whole lot of appreciation for Jewish traditions and heritage? You get a deliciously satisfying web site for Jewish wedding planning called The Wedding Yentas ™.

This is a true story of two women who enjoyed a professional wedding relationship that blossomed into friendship that turned into “Hey, we should start a web site for people planning Jewish weddings!” And now they’ve named themselves The Wedding Yentas ™ because they could talk all day about weddings and wanted to share with other men and women who are riding in the same boat they once sailed.

Every Monday and Wednesday, the Yentas offer humorous and informational explanations and ideas for Jewish wedding traditions. Not sure what pen to use when signing your ketubah? The Yentas know! Wondering why the groom steps on the glass at the end of the ceremony? The Yentas will tell you! What kind of wine should you drink under the chuppah? Listen to the Yentas! 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can feast your eyes on our Real Weddings where we publish professional photographs submitted to us by brides or the big machers in the wedding industry. Jewish traditions, details shots, and the usual wedding images surface in addition to a vendor list and a sweet story about the featured couple. It’s a great way for brides to share and gather ideas during the planning stage.

On Fridays, we gush. Literally. We pick something we love and we write all about it in our installment called Friday Favorites. Usually, there’s a giveaway that goes along with it. Leaving a comment is typically the ticket to enter to win! We like giving away free things and our readers like receiving them. It’s a total win-win. We’re okay with that.

We can’t forget to mention our Vendor Directory! Our awesome vendor members are listed here by type and location, so if you’re looking for a photographer in Tennessee, you’re in luck! And if you want a videographer in San Diego, look no further! Our directory grows by the week and it’s a great resource for brides who need preapproved awesome wedding experts.

So now that you know about the site, here’s a glimpse into the lives of Nicky and Alison, the women behind the Yentas name:

After marrying her film editor husband in 2006, Nicky and Eric combined their love of film and art to create their photography company that specializes in weddings, engagements shoots, and portraits. Nicky knew her husband in high school, but they didn’t fall in love until a few years later. Today, Nicky and her husband live in the Los Angeles area with their dog, Charlie. She enjoys swimming and exploring cool finds at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Alison and Bryan met on JDate ® in 2005 and were married in May of 2008. Alison is a proud Wildcat alumni from The University of Arizona (she portrayed Wilma Wildcat, UA’s female mascot for 3 years) where she earned a B.A. in journalism. Alison enjoys performing and going to the theater, traveling to her favorite spots (Hawaii and New York City), and lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles with her husband and their puppy, Princeton.

We are so excited to share our love for Jewish weddings with JMag readers! If you have any questions about Jewish weddings or want us to address specific topics, please feel free to contact us on The Wedding Yentas ™ so we can provide you with content that you want to read! Bottomline: we just love everything about love! In fact, Nicky and Eric got engaged three months after they started dating. And Yenta Alison was totally planning her wedding while she was “husband shopping” on JDate ®. Hey, it can’t hurt to get a head start and be informed for when your bubbie starts pressuring you… again.

The Wedding YentasTM , A Guide for the Jewish BrideTM, is a wedding planning site that offers tips, explanations of traditions, a vendor directory, and Real Weddings showcasing authentic and professional images for couples planning Jewish weddings. To read more articles and features by The Wedding YentasTM click here!
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