Hey baby, what’s your sign? Whether you’re confused by your dramatic, but oh-so-dreamy- Pisces Partner, or wondering if your new Libra lover will ever be ready to commit, we can all find the fun in a little starry-eye advice from time to time. Yes, I’m talking about astrological love advice. Check out your love interest’s sun sign below and get a peek into your cosmic connection! But please, don’t take me (or yourself) too seriously! This is simply a pop version of the very complicated science of astrology. Now, on to some starry-eyed shenanigans…

Aries The undeniable coquette Libra> The magnetic charmer
Taurus The sensual being Scorpio> The tempest of passion
Gemini The quick-witted flirt Sagittarius The adventurous ride
Cancer The caring nurturer Capricorn The ultimate aphrodisiac
Leo The larger-than-life star Aquarius The quirky, wacky lover
Virgo The rock-solid romantic Pisces The daydream believer



Get ready to be swept off your feet with a high-energy bid for your heart, because flirtatious, charming and competitive Aries absolutely loves a good chase. Once you’re caught, buckle up for an intense ride with this red-hot fire sign. You’ll be corralled into the bedroom for passionate sex with staying power (strong Aries has great stamina) and invited to join in a life of continuous surprises, adventure and fun! Did I mention that the Ram is a hopeless romantic? That means there will never be a dull moment.


Grab the bubble bath, massage oil and bearskin rug (and then figure out how to actually light that fireplace) for your next date with a Taurus! The Bull is all about the finer physical pleasures in life: good wine, cuddles, and you. Yes, you’re in for a true sensual treat here. It may be slow getting started, but make your Taurus love match feel safe and pampered, and surprise, surprise, you’ll be delighted by some intense, deeply intimate, stay at home, bring-out-the-birthday-suit-and-chocolate-sauce kind of lovin’. But shhhh, no talk, only physical, show-me-you-love-me action is necessary.


Take a deep breath and get ready to shake your booty and sharpen your wits; there’s never a tranquil moment with whirlwind Gemini! This sun sign is always changing, always moving and always the life of the party. The brilliant Twins can’t help it – they’re so smart, witty, inventive, curious, intellectual and playful that they have to keep their synapses firing at all times or they get bored. Yes, it’s love ’em today, bored tomorrow with Gemini. The twins will jump around from date to date until they find their quick-witted, restless equal. Sound like you? If so, sparks will fly and you will get to enjoy your Gemini’s caring, charismatic and romping nature.


Take your emotional temperature and get ready to find yourself staying at home, cuddled up on the couch watching Casablanca and talking about how you feel. Gentle Crabs are infamous homebodies and the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs. Intuitive to a tee, Crabs will quickly know if you’re right for them and take the initiative by zoning in and charming you into their nurturing lair. Once there, they will seduce you and get to know your every emotion until you cave. If you’re not used to letting your feelings loose, you may want to keep a tissue and a punching bag handy.


Pack your bags and dust off that tiara because your larger-than-life, shining star Leo is a natural born leader who is going to whisk you away and to live like royalty. Finally, right?! Basically, it’s all about the cream of the crop with these Cats who just want to rule and be adored and get what they deserve: the best, like you! If you’re truly the “Cat’s meow,” your warm-hearted Leo will take the reins in romance and go for you without hesitation. Confident in making a conquest, Leos have plenty of courage, passion, and staying power.


Kick up your heels and breathe easy because you’re in for a wonderfully relaxing ride with your laidback Virgo. This rock-solid and sensitive romantic knows that it’s the little things in life (and love) that count, especially when done to a tee. You may have to get the ball rolling to break through your Virgo’s shy, ultra-cool exterior, but it’s definitely worth the effort, because once inside, you’ll find a red-hot sweetie pie who will work hard to make you feel special. And thanks to a keen attention to detail and a sharp, inquisitive mind, your perfectionist detective will carefully figure out exactly what makes you howl.


Get ready to find yourself spellbound. Magnetic Libra will charm the pants off you with an off-the-charts sex appeal, and then flatter you into a beautiful and harmonious land of enchantment to eat grapes, drink wine and revel in the sensuality and romance of it all. Although cheerful and affectionate at the core, Libras may come across as aloof at first, waiting to be courted and lusting after you from a distance. Sweep them off their feet with beautiful things and show your lust in return, and underneath that calm exterior, you’ll find a playful, romantic who values love and partnership above all.


Send a direct alert to your nerve endings and tell them to get ready to tingle all over and scream with delight. Your intensely emotional, magnetic and all-consuming Scorpio is a tempest of passion in life, love and especially in bed. Flash your good looks and natural sex appeal and make love a challenging fast game, and Scorpio will find you irresistible and channel incredible willpower and strength to win you over. Just remember, once seduced, you’re all theirs and they won’t take no for an answer. Luckily, in return, you’ll get one of the most faithful and devoted of signs.


Grab your compass, put on your thinking cap and get ready for one heck of a good time! Life is an adventure to live to the fullest for your knowledge-seeking Archer who will whisk you away on a moment’s notice to travel the world or voyage into the depths of your mind to discover what makes you tick. To catch an Archer, mental sparks must fly. Curious Sag is looking for a best friend to share in the quest for truth. If that’s you, your Sag’s sharp intuition will say so, and you can look forward to a slew of playful dates, good times, and a straight-ahead love affair. What you see is what you get with honest Sag, but the Archer also likes a challenge with you to spice things up a little.


Put on your stylish parka and a cute ski hat and get ready for a sky-high gondola ride to new altitudes because your ambitious Capricorn is forever climbing upwards in life and love (and expects to see you at the top). If you’re already there, even better, as Goats are real softies for success and high society flair. You may have to wait sipping a hot toddy for a while though, as Cap takes time to warm up and put their goggles on (the better to see you with). But when you razzle-dazzle your Goat’s love with your flashy, glamorous, winning attitude and looks, your Goat will do everything to win your heart and keep you coming back for more.


Buckle up, hold on tight and get ready to be boomeranged to your heart’s delight into exhilarating and unexpected realms. Eccentric Aquarius is a forward-thinking mad scientist looking for an accomplice in the quest to make the world a better, happier place. Don’t wait to get swept off your feet though, these kooky charmers are the most unromantic of sorts and won’t rush into anything. Instead, they’ll wait until they find exactly what they’re looking for: a wonderful and engaging best friend — usually from among their sprawling circle of friends, where they feel most comfortable. Once the mental fireworks begin, your Aquarius will turn the art of seduction into a fun game of creative, imaginative flirtation, culminating in a wildly exciting, offbeat romance.


Close your eyes, click your heels and make a fantastic wish. Then, open your mind and your heart and get ready for an emotionally charged magical trip into the unknown with your imaginative, sensitive, otherworldly Pisces lover! This Fish is all about making romantic fantasies come true…with you! Head in the clouds, Pisces believes in magic and true love and is looking for a dreamy and spiritual connection. If intuition says you’re “The One,” Pisces will float with you on the stream of love and begin a slow, seductive romance dance.

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  1. Rachel can you help me pick the best longterm SIGN for me. I was born on the cusp of Scopio and Sagittarius on THE EARLY MORNING OF NOVEMBER 22, now single i am looking for that final special person. HELP!! I DO APPRECIATE YOUR INSIGHTS.

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