You’ve met someone special and now you’re ready to throw her into the pit of fire. Well, not literal fire, but perhaps something even scarier – you’re ready to introduce her to your Jewish mother.

The one who pinched your cheeks excessively in front of your friends. The one who called you constantly in college to make sure you were managing your sniffles or cold and to remind you to start hunting for graduate schools. The one who gave your girlfriend the cold shoulder because of the outfit she was wearing. The one who nagged you about her idea of a good woman for you since the day you were born.

It’s an intimidating prospect, but it’s also one of the unavoidable means to taking the next step in a relationship. But how do you know whether your girlfriend is ready to meet your mom? Here are the signs to watch for.

1. You See This Relationship Lasting.

If you see your girlfriend as a potential permanent fixture in your life and want to see if she would meld well with your family, she’s ready to meet your Jewish mother. You think her values match yours and want to see how your family (and especially Mom) feels about her. This isn’t a step you take with a woman you see as just a casual hookup or fun movie date.

2. You’ve Talked About Meeting Her Family, Too.

If she also views you as possibly permanent and has started talking about you meeting her family, it’s a sign that she’s up for the challenge of meeting Mom.

3. You’ve Prepped Her On What To Expect.

Sending your girlfriend in blind is a big no-no in this situation. Make sure to tell her about your mom’s habit of singing Broadway show tunes wherever she goes or her tendency to tease as a form of affection. Give her a heads up that your mom will likely grill her on her education and upbringing until she can recite your girlfriend’s childhood best friends in alphabetical order. A little preparation goes a long way in helping her feel comfortable around (and make a good impression on) the family matriarch.

4. You’re Ready To Take The Next Step.

Your girlfriend isn’t looking to see a ring in two months; however, she’s definitely interested in deepening your relationship and connection. She knows this is another rung on the courtship ladder.

5. She’s Someone You’re Proud To Show Off To Mom.

Is your girlfriend’s life stable and steady? Is she sure of her next steps in life and does she have a plan in place to move her life forward accordingly? Is she someone you can really see a future with? If these pieces have fallen into place, she’s ready. And if not, think twice before bringing her home to meet Mom.

At the risk of sounding like your mom, you shouldn’t just bring any girl home. This is an important step, especially if you have the type of Jewish mother with high expectations for your future wife. Be sure to check for these signs before you make plans to introduce the two most important ladies in your life.

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  1. To the author, getting ready to meet your jewish mother. How come no mention whether or not the girl is jewish, thinks she is jewish, thinks she is jewish because she is a jew for jesus jewish? I do not want to assume which people to whom you are addressing yor suggestions. Good jewish mothers sniff out frauds right away. So tell the men to be honest. If you have to lie about it, where do you think that is going to lead. And, no, it is never funny to lie to a jewish mother. If only I had listened more closely to my mother’s genuine qnd authentic opinion, life might hqve been different. My question, are you jewish or one with a married jewish name and encouraging further assimilation. Questions abound.

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