Dear JDate,

cont-mt-melissa-davidI had always been told “you’ll know when you find the one,” and on June 4th, 2005, that old cliché came true!

Ours was a true love-at-first-sight romance. From our initial hours-long phone conversations to our email exchanges back and forth to our perfectly-matched philosophies on life to our similarities on family, religion, ethics and morals, we quickly knew we were perfect for each other.

Dave and I met on JDate after each of us had met up with a few other people. No one seemed to be quite right for either of us up to that point, and fortunately for me, Dave decided to expand his search to include my geographic location.

We first met face-to-face at a restaurant centrally located for both of us. Not only did we laugh and have a great time, but dinner led to dessert, which eventually led to many more hours of learning even more about each other’s childhoods, likes and dislikes and beliefs. It really did seem like a dream come true! Was he for real? Could I possibly have found my soul mate online?

Well, the answer was yes. After only three months of being practically inseparable, with our love and fun growing every day, Dave presented me with the most beautiful engagement ring and proposal. I was absolutely stunned, not only because he had actually taken the steps to pop the question, but that he had managed to keep it a secret. After I wiped away my tears of happiness, I gladly accepted, and we began our journey together.

We were married on March 18, 2006, and we couldn’t be happier.

I found my best friend, my rock, my partner for life, and I have JDate to thank. I’ve also inherited an amazing family and already many chapters of amazing memories. I can’t express the feelings of knowing the security and excitement that my life will now entail or of knowing that I found this amazing man and that I can forever call him my husband!!

Thank you, I am eternally grateful!

Melissa & David
Newbury Park and Woodland Hills, California

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