I have been told that I met my Bashert, Evan, many times before we fell in love. We grew up in the same city, just a few blocks away from each other. Our mothers, who had been sorority sisters in college, told us we had met several times as children. While I never remembered meeting him at his sister’s Bat Mitzvah at an old-timey chocolate shop, or at a random concert, I knew immediately from our first JDate messages that I had reconnected with someone special.

success-melissa-evan-tmb2Initially, we bonded over our mutual love for Star Trek, Wet Hot American Summer, and flash mobs. Over the next three years, we built a warm, loving relationship based on shared values and an excitement for each other. Nearly three years after our first date, Evan proposed to me, with both of our families and friends in attendance, in an over-the-top flash mob proposal. Though fate and family connections brought us together as children, it was JDate that helped us to reconnect as adults.

We are truly thankful to this website for helping us realize this love that was truly Bashert!

Melissa and Evan
Houston, Texas

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  1. OH HI

    I didn’t see you come in. Welcome to my engagement!

    Hey, did you know that the name JDate originates from the Klingon term, j’dat, which roughly translates to “I agree with whatever my fiancé just said.”

    So I hope you’ll agree that we’re in for a fun time.

    We have the bride, we have the groom and we have about a year to make this is preposterous as possible.

    This is my engagement!!!

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