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Melissa and Jon

Dear JDate,

Here’s our Success Story from both perspectives:

Melissa: I had been on JDate for a couple of years and unfortunately didn’t have much luck. The three first dates I had gone on all ended exactly alike – as first dates. I was done with the site and was sitting in my sister Lindsay’s house complaining that the only people approaching me were 75 and older. Lindsay started searching the site for potential dates and quickly found Jon’s profile. I had previously passed up Jon’s profile because he was out of my age range. Plus, he’d hardly filled out his profile, which was a turn off and his picture was taken from far away. However, before I could stop her, Lindsay Hot Listed Jon and that was it. Jon was sent a message from JDate saying that I was interested – so now the ball was in Jon’s court. He Instant Messaged me the next time I was on the site. Melissa+&+Jonathan+2

Jonathan: After getting pushed by my brother (who had been on the site for a while) and a friend who suggested that I start dating Jewish girls, I finally filled out a profile. I had always been against the idea of liking someone just because of their religion – but I figured I’d give it a go. I had talked to a few people, but Melissa was my first actual date.

Melissa: We were supposed to meet at Starbucks on a Tuesday night, but I canceled last minute. I just didn’t think I looked great that night and didn’t want to ruin a first impression. We rescheduled for Friday night and decided to meet at Bru’s Room in Delray Beach, Florida for a drink. The start of the night was okay – we sat and talked for a while. But it was after we left Bru’s Room, walked down Atlantic Avenue, and ran into some friends that I realized he was hooked. We danced, hung out and talked until about 2:00 am. Jon had a tennis tournament in the morning and kept me in the loop as to how he was doing throughout the day in his matches. He kept winning, and when he reached the finals, I decided I would have to go to see him play. I left work for a few hours in the middle of day to watch Jon play. And when I told him that I was there watching, I think he realized I was different.

And from there…things just got better and better.

Thanks JDate,

Melissa and Jonathan
Boynton Beach, Florida

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  1. As always, a touching love story. But are you guys engaged/married? the public (especially the chupa nutties part of it, such as myself), has the right to know!!! 🙂

    Congrats to u both.

  2. I am completely jealous. I play tennis too and I have been on Jdate for several years, without success and this guy meets the one on his first JDate. Life’s not fair!

  3. You’d make a beautiful Bride B”H! don’t forget to post your wedding pic!!!

  4. Congrats!! Glad I’m not the only one who considers (or goes through with!) cancelling a date because of a bad hair day 🙂

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