I am a 53-year-old mom with an 8-yr-old child (no other parent involved). I state it in my profile. Over and over, when I meet a man who I go out on a date with, he becomes very ambivalent about having a child come into his life.

Is there a way to screen for this without scaring the good guys away?


Dear Micki,

Good for you! I’m always in awe of parents who raise a child alone.

My suggestion would be to ensure your profile states that your child and you are a package deal. There is no other way; but to state this fact and repeat it a few times throughout your profile. Make sure when communicating with potential dates that you also make your relationship with your child very clear. Being a mother is your first priority and any mature man will understand and appreciate your commitment to your child.

Good luck to you and your child. Keep me posted. I would love to hear about your dating successes!

Gems from Jen