Online dating has a fair share of perks. One of my favorite perks is the opportunity to talk to as many women as I can about online dating on a daily basis. What could be better, right?

As much as I do love being around women in general, I often find myself involved in very revealing and important conversations that provide great insight into what male online daters are doing wrong.

I have noticed many patterns, but there are two complaints that I hear from women all the time. Many of these women seem to feel that most men fall into one of two categories, both of which are not conducive to attracting women. Be honest with yourself and think about whether you fit into either of these categories:

1.  The “I Want to Get Married and Have Babies Right Now Guy”

If there is one complaint I hear more than any other, it is that men come on way too strong. It is okay to like a woman. It is even okay to meet a woman and feel within an hour of meeting her that this is the woman you have endlessly been searching for! However, do yourself a favor and keep it to yourself! Don’t lay all your cards on the table!

There are millions of men out there that act is if they are ready to get married, have a few kids, build a picket fence, and live happily ever after before the check even arrives!

Nothing will send a woman running faster, even if she may have otherwise been interested in you. It’s okay to show you like someone. In fact, if you like a girl, she should realize that! But, slow down and don’t start mentally planning out your whole future on a first date. Everyone wants a little bit of a chase. Give the relationship time to develop and soon enough you will wind up where you want to be!

2.  The Serial Dater, AKA “Player”

On the opposite side of the fence, you will find the “player” types that lurk the internet.

Look, it’s no secret. Many guys are just serial daters looking at online dating as an easy substitute for the bar scene. Their intentions aren’t exactly great, and they typically just want to hook up (which is fine, as long as you are honest about your intentions up front.)

The problem is that nearly all of these “player” types lie about wanting a relationship and wind up screwing their innocent victims over. They then ruin it for the rest of the nice guys out there.

My point is that women are very guarded when it comes to the possibility of being played. Be careful not to come across as just another guy trying to find a booty call. Get to know a woman, enjoy her company, and most importantly, be honest about your intentions. If you just want to casually date, say so up front and be honest!

At the end of the day, what we need to do is find a happy medium between acting as if we want to get married next week, and just trying to get in a woman’s pants! Find this balance and you will be golden!

Joshua Pompey is the author of three online dating books for men, and runs a profile writing service. For more information, click online dating advice or online dating tips!
  1. What about the guy that tell you he just had a date with another woman last night what type of man is that? That makes me run. I know men as well as women go out with different people some even have a few dates during the week. But come one I don’t want to know about it.

    But yes I agree those two types are pretty bad I have had both and lived to talk about it!

  2. What if it’s the other way around. He wants a child and then more later in the relationship? In memory of a relative who’s dead. I look at having a baby from a time and medical point of view. Nice to have one now, and keep cells to help child later in life fight off cultural or inherit health problems. I’ve worked for most of my life, having a child will not take away from that.

  3. This man just can not write! Why oh why do J date keep giving him a forum..also totally humourless!

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