Meryl and Greg met on JDate. Greg (whose username was “BiologicalLove”) sent Meryl (whose username was “Sophistichique”) a “Flirt” that said, “Sunlight, Candlelight, or Moonlight?” in July of 2010. The next day Meryl and Greg Instant Messaged each other on JDate for a few hours, and then decided it was time for a date the very next day.

Greg, who was a chemistry major in college at University of Denver took Meryl out to sushi, and then romanced Meryl and went on a walk through a vibrant, popular date-night park. After that romantic stroll, Greg took Meryl to his lab at the University of Denver to show off his smarts and showed her some of his chemistry research projects and publications. At the end of their date, Meryl knew Greg was the smartest guy she had ever met and was very impressed, even though half of what he said went over her head.

Over the next month, Greg continued to court Meryl, delivering her sunflowers (her favorite flower) in a graduated cylinder (a chemistry tool) to her door when she was sick, and leaving love notes on her car windshield after dates expressing how much he adored her. Greg was smitten and Meryl soon realized he was not only the smartest, but also the sweetest guy she had ever met.

Meryl was not exactly ready to settle down though. She thought if she got serious with him he might just be “it.” Meryl, having just moved back to Colorado from California, was quite busy making up for lost time with her friends and family and was applying to Physician Assistant School. Greg and Meryl ended up going their separate ways when Meryl headed off to travel and attend PA school. With that, their relationship ended. Meryl and Greg did not email, talk or communicate for about the next two years… until March of 2012.

Meeting the Second Time:

March 2012, Meryl was in PA school in Nashville, TN and Greg was still living in Colorado. This time it was Meryl who sent the most romantic email ever… it was a mass email about a new development project her dad was starting in Denver. She included Greg in the email because his dad is in real estate as well. So actually it was Greg who again initiated communication. He still had Meryl’s phone number and sent a text after receiving her email. Meryl replied and they continued texting for a few hours. Greg was sure to tell Meryl that over the past 2 years he had started running, practicing yoga, and rock climbing (Meryl’s favorite activities when she dated Greg the first time).

Meryl and Greg continued to text throughout the next few months, and Greg helped Meryl study for her PA school pharmacology class (his chemistry background gave him some amazing knowledge). Meryl again knew Greg was the smartest guy she had ever met; he was teaching her and she was the one in PA school!

Finally, in June 2012, Meryl came into town to attend a friend’s wedding. She and Greg went on a hike in Breckenridge, CO at the crack of dawn on the day of the wedding. It was a tough seven-mile hike and Greg was so adorably nervous that he actually kept tripping and falling most of the hike. The lake they arrived at was gorgeous and Meryl thought for sure they were going to have their first kiss, but it didn’t happen, Greg was just too nervous. After the hike, Greg got Meryl to Denver in time to get ready for her friend’s wedding, but Meryl accidently left her wallet in Greg’s car in the rush. Greg discovered the wallet and very willingly brought it to Meryl at the wedding that evening and also brought a single stem red rose. Meryl again knew he was the sweetest guy she had ever met and his thoughtfulness pretty much sealed the deal for Meryl! After that weekend, Meryl returned to Colorado for July 4th weekend, and Greg and Meryl finally had their first kiss- Greg had waited 1 year, 11 months and 11 days– what a gentleman!).

The rest is history… Meryl had already planned on moving back to Colorado in August 2012 for her year of PA school rotations, which worked out nicely for their blossoming relationship. Greg and Meryl took a trip the first week she was back in Colorado to Meryl’s absolute favorite place on earth- Crested Butte, Colorado. They had the most magical time together in one of the most romantic places on earth and Meryl and Greg knew for sure this was “it.”

Meryl and Greg are now engaged and will be married on August 24th, 2014 in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Meryl and Greg
Denver, Colorado

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