It all started nearly 10 years ago in early November of 2004. Jeremy, a then 26-year-old political consultant/fundraiser from the D.C. suburbs, was browsing JDate and noticed Michelle, a stunning 22-year-old Texan and recent college grad who had moved to D.C. with some friends to spend a year studying/working at the National Institute of Health before medical school. Jeremy had a few initial internal concerns before sending Michelle an email. First, since she was from Dallas, he feared that she might be a fan of the Cowboys. Two, she was much cuter than any other girl he’d seen on JDate and used a lot of words like “no drama” and “fun,” so Jeremy figured she would be bombarded with messages and unlikely to respond.

Much to his delight, Michelle responded to Jeremy’s message and after a few brief online messages, they started chatting on the phone. They both noticed how comfortable and interesting these chats were, and how it felt like they had known each other for a long time. After having a few of these hour+ chats, they decided to meet. Their first “date” was not really a date at all, consisting of Jeremy coming over to Michelle’s place and having a few glasses of wine with Michelle and her roommates. They both quickly realized that the in-person conversations we’re just as entertaining and fun. Jeremy told Michelle that she was even more beautiful and animated than she was online and over the phone.

success-michelle-jeremy-tmb2From that first “date,” Jeremy and Michelle began to see each other nearly every day for the next few weeks and talked on the phone/emailed multiple times per day. What they lacked in immediate common interests (besides spirited discussions on the Redskins v. Cowboys rivalry), they more than made up for in common values such as their strong and long-lasting friendships, priority on family, sense of humor and honesty. The relationship quickly grew and both could tell that whether or not they ended up being “The One” for each other, they would always be a critical part of the other’s life.

What made this relationship all the more interesting was that it appeared to have a “time limit” in that come the late spring/early summer, Michelle would be leaving D.C. to return to Texas for medical school and Jeremy would be heading up the road to Baltimore to begin law school. Notwithstanding the odds and challenges of a long distance relationship, they decided to “make a go of it” for the summer and see how things progressed, given how close they’d become the previous seven months. Southwest Airlines would soon become an indispensable part of their relationship, as the two traveled the Baltimore – Houston Hobby roundtrip route every 4-5 weeks, even if it meant that many hours would be spent in the law and medical libraries of their respective schools.

Fast forward a few years that saw Michelle complete a “visiting rotation” at Johns Hopkins and Jeremy spending a semester at law school in the Galveston/Houston area, many exciting trips to the likes of Peru and Czech Republic, and an overall strong bond that overcame many geographic and logistical obstacles; Jeremy proposed to Michelle during Thanksgiving at her family’s home in Dallas and much to his delight, she accepted.

The past five years have featured lots of fun, including residing in D.C., Baltimore, Los Angeles and soon to be Wisconsin for one or both of their careers, the amazing arrival of their beautiful daughter Jaime, and many fun and stimulating experiences with family, friends and careers. Through it all, Jeremy and Michelle remain best friends through constant conversation, honestly, humor and love.

Michelle and Jeremy
Madison, Wisconsin

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  1. What good love is about, glad it is advertised!

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