Dear JDate,

cont-mt-michelle-michaelThis is a story about Michelle from OH and Michael from FL

Michelle’s story: I was a member of Jdate off and on for a few years. My mom kept telling me to just give it some time, so since I never had any luck in my hometown and the pickings were quite slim, I decided to expand my horizon and look around the rest of the world. I talked to quite a few guys in different states and the first thing they said to me was “When are you going to come see me?” I decided to go into the chat room. Although, I didn’t talk in there, I clicked on everyone that was in the room. I came across a specific profile and was very intrigued. I sent him a flirt and a message and he responded instantly. We talked daily, he sent me ecards, emails and was so different then anyone I have ever encountered. Not once did he ask when I was coming to see him. He stood out from everyone. Before I knew it within a week, we became very close. We communicated a lot. We had so much in common and wanted the same things in life. He booked a flight to come meet me.

We spent 4 days and 4 nights together and it was awesome. He brought me several surprised gifts and a note was on each gift, it was very romantic. I also had some special gifts for him. He met my family and I showed him around my town and took him to the popular local spots. I have never had anyone look at me the way he does. Neither one of us can described the feeling of what it is to look into each other’s eyes. It is something that I have never felt before. We laughed, smiled and had a great time. He sees through me like no one else and the feeling is incredible. I get chills just thinking about him. He is truly the greatest gift. He is my best friend, my lover, my soulmate and my true prince charming. The last day he was here was very emotional for the both of us. My prince Michael and I held each other at the airport and cried, he almost turned around and didn’t get on the plane. We had a long distant relationship which was hard, but we always stayed in touch through text messaging, phone calls and he purchased a webcam for me so he could see me. We are getting married in May 2009. If it weren’t for JDate, I would have never found my true love. Thank you again.

Michael’s story: The girl that I met on Jdate contacted me first by sending me a flirt. I returned the flirt and then emailed her in return. And so began the relationship with Michelle, and I fell in love so we talked and text each other for weeks, I then made plans to go see Michelle in Ohio . The weeks passed and finally the big day came to finally meet Michelle and for her to finally meet me. She was everything that I have imagined and more and she also fell in love with me. The days that I spent in Ohio were just the beginning. We talked about me moving up to Ohio to be with my princess Michelle and then decided to get Married next May of 09. Thanks again Jdate for bringing my Princess to me.

Tips for other JDaters:

My advice would be to never give up. I have gave up on Jdate quite a few times, but my mother kept telling me to stick with it and now I am the happiest woman in the world.

Michelle & Michael

Ohio and Florida

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