After a major breakup you decide to make a big change in your appearance to make yourself feel better — you chop off 6 inches of your hair, you dye your hair a drastic new color, you grow a beard or shave your mustache, you begin manscaping, you get plastic surgery, you get a tattoo, and so on — but what is your motivation? Are you doing it to get your ex’s attention? Are you doing it because you feel depressed? Are you doing it because it’s what your ex complained about and you think the next prospect would want you to change as well? STOP. It’s never a good idea to do something major to your looks when your self-esteem is in the dumpers. You never want to make a drastic change — whether permanent or not — because of someone else. What happens if you get breast implants after your big-boob-loving ex breaks your heart just to meet a guy who loves you for you and your membership to the itty-bitty-titty-committee? You want someone who loves you for you — and any changes you decide to make for yourself.

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