How can there not be somebody else out there exactly like you, who thinks the way you do, who also happens to float your boat, who wouldn’t mind your floating their boat? Permission to board, sir! (That was the lady talking, not me.)

We’re not that unique in other aspects of life, are we? How can we be the only ones who totally get us and find ourselves absolutely irresistible? I only ask that rhetorically. If I truly found myself irresistible, I wouldn’t have resisted admitting that I was irresistible.

These are the questions many of us raise following yet another in a series of hookups that didn’t wind up hooking us. But if you did find somebody exactly like you, would familiarity breed contempt? “That face you make when you think you’re being cute. I hate when I do that. Could you not do that?”

In the end, we’re not looking for clones. We’re looking for complements… then compliments. Remember “You complete me” in Jerry Maguire? Yeah, sappy all right. Hey, it’ll be Valentine’s Day soon. What better time to drain a little sap? More on that “holiday” in an upcoming post.

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