Dear JDate,

cont-mt-missy-tedI went out with many people on JDate and did not think I would ever find that special person until I met Missy in August of 2003. I decided to contact her because she was geographically desirable — she lived in Washington, DC.

Missy was looking to meet a guy who does not bring flowers on any old Tuesday, and I told her that I was a Wednesday kind of guy. We instant messaged and realized that we were extremely geographically desirable — we lived around the corner from each other.

Our first date was at the Zebra Room by our houses, and we chatted for hours about irrelevant things that we liked until we got hungry. Then we would meet for dates on the corner of 39th Street and Macomb (it is an extremely special corner!), which was between our houses.

I knew that Missy was special to me because in December 2003, I took her on a snowy night to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to tell her that I loved her. We were crazy about each other and were excited to cancel our JDate memberships because we were committed to each other.

In the summer, I started to send Missy a recap of our dating time together in chapters, and when it got up to the present time, on July 31, 2004, we got engaged to start a new book. We were married on May 22, 2005 at the temple on the magical corner of Macomb and 39th St.

Without JDate this would never have happened. For some people, it takes lots of time to find that special person. To all those still looking for their besherts — they are out there. Have faith and do not give up hope!

Missy & Ted
Washington, DC

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