Mix, Mingle and Be Merry

So this is Christmas…Tinsel, toys, Rudolph and Frosty can make any Jewish person feel left out at this time of year.  We have our traditions too – for many that can involve Chinese take-out for dinner, movie marathons or a myriad of parties to pop in to, drop by or, find a creative excuse to opt out of.

Yes, it’s time for the oft-dreaded, secretly anticipated Jew-Do, and depending on the city in which you live it includes the mass coming together of alienated tribesmen and women.  It’s almost as if it’s part of our genetic composition to kvetch about annual gatherings like the Matzo Ball Party or Schmooz-A-Palooza®, but somehow the Jew-Do has become part of our modern cultural heritage. And yes, there may be people you want to avoid running into and others you simply have no interest in getting to know, but these end-of-season celebrations are probably the best way to mix, mingle and find merriness before the New Year.

If you don’t want to get scrooged this season, you need to get in the spirit. And here are some party priming tips that will help you get in the mood:

Don’t Judge a Room By its Cover: The first peeps you see may not be your cup of tea but remember that there is a long night ahead of you with crowds rolling in throughout. So don’t be quick to make assumptions about the quality of the attendees. Instead, take some time to walk around and get acclimated while fully scoping out the potential.

Leave Your Attitude at the Door:  Misery loves company, and if you walk into a room with a sour face those are the types of people you will attract. A happy look will draw more eyes on you so make sure to put your best face forward even it requires a cocktail or two…

Avoid the Pressure of Picking Up: Sure, we all want to have a good night but if getting or giving digits is your sole mission you’ll be more than sorry if you crash and burn. To spare yourself the grief, treat the night as a party and not a pick-up fest.  

Do a lap alone: It’s much easier for people to approach you if you are not part of an entourage. Step away from your sidekick or posse and strategically plant yourself where people are likely to convene: like at a stool alongside the bar, next to the food table or at the coat or check-in counter. (Guys, hanging near the women’s bathroom borders on tacky, so try not to be too obvious!)

Do Drama Control: Chances are you will recognize some faces of people who blew you off online, and you may even run into an ex or two. But if you mentally prepare yourself for these scenarios in advance you will be able to control unnecessary histrionics. Keep in mind too that the person who did not Flirt back with you online may be more inclined to respond now that you are up close and in person.   

Hop Before You Skip: Over the course of the holidays, there will likely be more than one party on any given night, so don’t call it a night if the first one is a bust. Plan to party hop and make an appearance at more than one bash until you get it right.  

There are plenty of festivities to attend at this time of year so don’t complain because before you know it, we’ll be in the dead of January.

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