Josh and Molly met via JDate in April of 2009. Both of their moms had talked them into signing up and taking a chance on the online dating scene. The two emailed a few times and then exchanged numbers after about a week of emailing. Molly thought Josh was so sweet when he would text her wishing her luck before a soccer game, or just wishing her a good morning when he knew she had just gotten to work.

Their first date was on April 26, 2009 at Roy’s Restaurant in Newport Beach. After only a few dates they realized they had something special. They met each other’s families fairly quickly and Josh even came to Maui with Molly’s family after only dating for three months! Two years after they first met, Molly and Josh moved in with each other. Their family consists of Josh, Molly and Bosco, their three-year-old Bichon-Yorkie mix!

Josh and Molly got engaged on February 23, 2013. They went to Laguna Beach to get breakfast at their favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant, La Sirena Grill, and took the food to-go so they could picnic on the beach, just like they did for their second date. Once they finished eating, Josh took Molly’s sunglasses off so he could look her in the eyes and told her how much he loved her and wanted their life together to really begin. It was wonderful! Little did Molly know Josh was having the entire thing photographed! After Josh proposed – and Molly said yes – they headed to Josh’s parents’ house where both sets of parents were waiting to celebrate.

Their advice for current JDaters® would be to have an open mind. Be willing to put yourself out there and meet people. Be 100% honest in your profile: make it truthful, say exactly what you want and describe what you are looking for. Put the effort into JDate and be committed to emailing people, responding back to people that email you, and going out on dates – even if you think they might not be the perfect match. Who knows… they just might be!

Thank you, JDate.

Molly and Josh
Aliso Viejo, California

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